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Travelling Methods:

By Bus KMB Bus No.: 6P, 14, 14B, 14H, 14X, 214, 215P, 215R, 216M, 603, 603P, 603S, 613, 889
Citibus Bus No.: A26, E22P  

Drop at Ko Yee Estate Station.

(Red Top) 

Minibus Service Routes: 
  •• Kwun Tong (Tung Yan Street) ⇌ Yau Tong
  •• Mongkok (Sin Tat Plaza) ⇌ Yau Tong
  •• Jordan Road (Woo Song Street) ⇌ Yau Tong
  •• Cheung Sha Wan (Yee Kuk West Street) ⇌ Yau Tong
  •• Tsuen Wan (Market Street) ⇌ Yau Tong

(Green Top)
Bus Service Routes: 
  •• 87 Lei Yue Mun Estate ⇌ Kowloon Bay (Richland Gardens)
  •• 76B Domain Mall ⇌ United Christian Hospital   

MTR  Take the MTR to Yau Tong Station, Exit from A1 and walk to Lei Yue Mun Plaza. Locate the covered walkway exit and walk for about 5 – 10 minutes and you will have arrived at your destination in Ko Chi House in Ko Yee Estate.