Background of the plan

'Proud to be a girl!' is a yearly activity held by G.B. that care for the needs in the growth of the female. Through making the reusable pads, we let more girls understand the females' living conditions in under-developed places, and encourage them to care for society. Also, we make use of this education process to let girls explore the role and uniqueness of the female, and be happy to live as girls.


  1. Let girls know about the uniqueness of being female and accept themselves.
  2. Through making the reusable pads, let girls explore topics of being female, including sex education, protection of the body to avoid being sexually violated, and so on.
  3. Broadening their horizon, let members know the needs of the world, and build up their quality of being instructors that concern about the world.
1st January to 1st July 2019 Online Crowdfunding Program
Finished. Thanks for all sectors’ support. After deducting the administration expenses, altogether $26,111.50 are collected, and 36 person times participated.
21st April 2019 ‘Pad Man’
@MCL Theatre, Kowloon Bay.
120 members participated. After deducting the administration expenses, altogether $32,930.00 are collected. Come understand the needs of the females in the Third World! This acts as the prelude to the whole year activities of ‘Proud to be a girl!’
13th May 2019 Officers’ Development Day (Planning for the kicking off ceremony);
@Carmel Holy Word Secondary School, Tai Po.

Held in the hall of Carmel Holy Word Secondary School. In the morning, the chairperson shared the whole year’s plan of ‘Proud to be a girl!’ Dr. Lui Kwai Ying Linda gave the talk about the females’ health. In the afternoon, the menstruation cloth workshop was held. Participants of the workshop made the environment friendly menstruation cloth together.

May to December 2019 Reusable pads making center (workshop)
@ Sha Tin Methodist College (Ample Campus)

Thanks for the Sha Tin Methodist College for providing the room and sewing machines, to act as the workshop for making the environment friendly menstruation cloth. Up to mid-October, community volunteers have made about 1,000 menstruation cloth.

21st September 2019 **Reusable pad making workshop
@ S.K.H. Yautong Kei Hin Primary School

The reusable pads making workshop was held in the community of Yau Tong. Senior medical surgeon Dr. Ng Ching gave the talk. We also made the pads together.

28th September 2019 ‘Small Interview, Big Discovery’ Young Host Training Day
@SKH Kei Wing Primary School
(Mong Kok District)

We had Dr. Wong Kwai Lam as the host, he taught more than twenty participants from eight to nine companies the basic techniques of being the host. In the afternoon, the young hosts prepared the interviewees’ information. It was how they prepared for the interviews in October to November.

September 2019 to February 2020 Small interview, Big Discovery – Broadcasting series
The trained company members acted as the hosts to interview many females and female serving organizations in society, so that through their sharing, members understood the females’ difficulties and power in society, and how they still strive silently in society to serve the community.

November to December 2019 Plan of giving out menstruation cloth
Mobilize company members to participate in
1) Making friendship cards to be given out together with the menstruation cloth;
2) Help packaging menstruation cloth in the menstruation cloth making center to be given out overseas. Also, through teaching materials, members learn about the beauty in God’s creation of girls, and they are also encouraged to embrace their personal uniqueness, and share girl’s needs in the Third World.

December 2019 to January 2020 Giving out environment friendly menstruation cloth to Africa
We have arranged environment friendly menstruation cloth to be sent to villages in Zimbabwe for the females there to use.

29th January to 3rd February 2020 **Cambodia Service Tour 2020
More than 10 members and instructors will set out to Phnom Penh in Cambodia on the 5th day of Chinese New Year to serve females there. Through hygiene education, giving out menstruation cloth and life sharing, it is hoped that love and blessings are given.

9th May 2020 ‘Proud to be a girl!’ sharing day
We will count the grace on the whole year’s Plan! Looking forward to your participation!

April to July 2020 The recorded programs would be broadcast!
We are grateful that we participated in Radio & Television Hong Kong’s ‘Community Involvement Broadcasting Service’. We will share our achievement in the production with the whole Hong Kong! Pay close attention to the promotion!

**Part of the activity fund is paid with crowdfunding donation.

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