2022 Theme:Rise in Strength

International Conference
In June 1968, the Girls' Brigade's Pacific Conference, Atlantic Conference and nineteen members from different countries established the Girls' Brigade' International Conference in London. Now the International Conference meets every four years. The International Conference's President, Vice President, the Secretary General and the Treasurer are elected from the Girls' Brigade's member countries all around the world, the terms are four years long.

In 1997, The Girls' Brigade was reorganized into five fellowships, including the 'Asian Fellowship', the 'European Fellowship', the 'African Fellowship', the'Caribbean and American Fellowship' and the 'Pacific Fellowship', which promote the missionary campaigns together.

Fellowship Star  
Aims of establishing the Conference
  1. To establish the Girls' Brigades all around the world and promote the Girls' Brigade's missionary campaigns.
  2. Protect and support the Girls' Brigades in every country all around the world.
  3. Help and strengthen the Girls' Brigade's bond in every country.